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WOW! Just Wait 'Till You Taste This!

Ok, so I will admit that there isn’t much dark chocolate that I don’t like. With that as my disclaimer, I must also say that there are some which I absolutely can’t do without (remember, I’m one of those “have to have chocolate every day” kind of people!)! Our newest single-origin dark chocolate bar fits into that category. One of our chocolatiers, Askinosie Chocolates, has just come out with a bar made with beans from the Philippines. Turns out that the beans from Davao in the Philippines used to make this 77% dark chocolate bar come from the fist Filipino cocoa bean export in nearly 25 years. It’s just one person’s opinion, but I think this was worth waiting for! What I really like about it is that while it’s got that great intense chocolate taste, it’s not overly acidic. We opened a bar when it came in last week and everyone who tasted it wound up buying one! Ok, so maybe it’s more than one person’s opinion after all!


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