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2 Locations, 2 Recessions and 1 Pandemic Later

Max’s turns 15 today!  I know that it’s a big number and a lot of years, but I’m never really sure how to answer the question “does it feel like a long time or did the time go by quickly?”  Honestly, I think the answer is “both”.  When I think of everything that we’ve been through, 15 years seems about right.  On the other hand, like almost anything and everything in life, I do find myself asking “where did all of the time go?”  How is it possible that we designed a brand new store in an empty space that no business had previously been in, experienced a horrible recession (and managed to grow during every single year of it), designed a new space so that we could relocate the store (not our choice but one of the best things that has happened for us) across the town green after almost 5 years (during the recession), hit our stride, and experienced the requisite Minnesota snowstorms during the holiday shopping season that forced us to close.  Then came COVID and the shutdown and, well, you know — all of 2020 and the first part of 2021 and everything that came along with that time period.

Here’s the thing though — I’ve never been more positive about the store and the future and that is all because of you.  I’ve said it before and I am going to continue to say it because it’s true:  all of your support, friendship and encouragement over the years has meant everything to me and to the entire Max’s team.  These last 15 years have been so fulfilling, both in terms of me being able to realize one of my dreams but, most importantly, because of the friendships I’ve developed with so many of our customers and our designers.

We’re here because of you and stronger than ever because of you.  We love what we do and hope to keep doing it for at least another 15 years!


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