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TAP by Todd Pownell and Max’s; Working Together for Change

Last month, our friends at TAP by Todd Pownell informed us that beginning immediately and running through election day (November 3), they would be donating a portion of participating retailers’ sales to Black Lives Matter Cleveland (TAP is located in Cleveland) and the NAACP.  They weren’t requiring a match or monetary donation from retailers – only a yes or no if they would like them to include our name in the donation that they make.  If ever something could be considered a “no-brainer”, this is example #1.

In conjunction with the donation being made by TAP by Todd Pownell, Max’s will be making its own donation of 10% of all TAP sales during this time to both the Lake Street Council/We Love Lake Street Fund and the NAACP Minneapolis.  These are the 2 organizations we identified to receive a monetary donation from us based on sales for 10 days after George Floyd was murdered.  We have scheduled our TAP by Todd Pownell trunk show between August 21-29 to coincide with this period of giving.

While there are so many organizations from which to choose to donate, as an owner of a small business, I am passionate and adamant in my belief about the need to not only re-build the Lake Street business area, but to support the business owners who lost so much – if not everything.  I know the blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and joy that comes from building and owning a business.  I have shed (and continue to shed) many tears from thinking of the heartache, gut-wrenching fear and agony that fellow small-business owners have experienced as they watched their dreams and livlihood go up in flames – some, quite literally.

Our every day world can change in a heartbeat.  We know that intuitively, and we watched it happen before our eyes a couple of months ago.  As I’ve said before, there is so much to be done and so much wrong to make right.  Max’s is committed to this for the long haul.


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