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How do I know my ring size?

The easiest way to determine your ring size is to stop in to any jewelry store and have them size you. Keep in mind that your fingers on one hand might be a different size than the fingers on your other hand. If you are looking at a ring wider than 6mm, or a stack of rings, we suggest that you make sure you are measured with a wide band ring sizer.

Can my ring be sized?

If you purchase a ring at full price from Max’s and discover that the size needs to be adjusted, we will size it for you once free of charge within 6 months of purchase. If the ring you purchase at Max's is On Sale, there will be a sizing fee. Based on the design or materials, some rings cannot be sized. To have your ring sized, please call 952.922.8364 or email to discuss and confirm your request.

Ring Sizing

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