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What is it Worth?

Is Jewelry only valuable in relation to its price, or can emotional sentiment impact a piece's value?

Price. It can be the first thing you notice or the last, when looking at a piece of jewelry. For some buyers, aesthetic and market value of a piece are the first thing they consider when shopping. For others, jewelry is nothing without a memory attached to it. Value is completely subjective, so when I get asked if something is a good investment, I answer in two parts. First, I can talk about the value imparted on the piece by its materials and market price and, second (sometimes most importantly), I talk about what the piece sparks in the customer when they look at it. What is the internal value of the piece? Does it remind you of something a cherished loved one once wore? Is it a piece that you intend to pass down through your family? Or is it a purchase to mark a milestone, anniversary, or just a celebration of self? Whatever reason you are drawn to a piece is the value of it: you, the buyer, determine its value.


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