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Welcome to Max's, Anna Ruth Henriques!

I recently returned from my first jewelry buying trip for 2011 and what a trip it was! There’s a lot to be excited about this year — it’s going to be a year of big, bold, and colorful in the jewelry world. The first of the new work from the trip has arrived and is from the poet/artist/jewelry designer Anna Ruth Henriques. I was immediately drawn to her jewelry because it intrigued me so much. Hand-painted designs on mother-of-pearl and set on large labradorite stones — when was the last time you saw anything like that? I was fascinated by this evil eye pendant and quickly learned that Anna refers to it as the Eye of Intuition, helping us gain insight and wisdom into life situations. Nice. Also couldn’t resist the dragonfly ring, especially with spring on the horizon. I think that Anna’s jewelry is really something special and I had so much fun working with her to select a collection for her introduction to Max’s and to Minnesota. (The p.s. to this is that Anna Ruth was my grandmother’s name — the grandmother who was married to my grandfather Max. Hmmm. I think that means we were meant to meet. Very nice!)


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