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Walk the Green Carpet!

Thanks to the wonderful CRAVE book that came out this spring (check out the website at, Sheila Mossberg of NONTOXIQUE ( and I met each other. Sheila has created a fabulous company that is quickly gaining a great national reputation, and she was invited to participate in New York City’s Fashion Week. To celebrate, Sheila reached out to both BMW of Minnetonka and Richard Moody of (, one of Max’s best friends, to partner in producing an evening of fashion, beauty and charity. I’m really pleased that Max’s is participating in the event (with jewels and chocolates!), along with OPM, il Vostro Boutique, BumberShute, Urban Junket and Irelyto commemorate Sheila’s achievement. NONTOXIQUE’S NYC Fashion Week Celebration is open to the general public but will requirea ticket, which can be purchased at – (Green Carpet Event). The event is August 25th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at BMW of Minnetonka, 15802 Wayzata Minnetonka, MN 55391. Hope to see you there!


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