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Very Honored

Every year, NICHE magazine presents awards to retailers of American craft. Max’s was fortunate to win an award in 2008, and I am honored, thrilled and humbled to be able to announce that we have won a Top Retailer Award again for 2009. The annual Top Retailer Awards program recognizes craft retailers who are committed to fair business practices and to growing and strengthening the North American craft community. “This awards program honors galleries and retailers for their commitment to supporting craft artists and the craft community,” said Wendy Rosen, publisher of NICHE magazine. “It’s not about the biggest sellers or fanciest shops. The ‘Top Retailers’ are often mentors who work hard to build and maintain good relationships with emerging and established artists.”

I have long believed that the relationships one has with its customers, suppliers and employees are critical to the long-term success of the business….ANY business. With that said, it is tremendously rewarding to be recognized within the industry for building and maintaining strong relationships with our artists. Thank you so much to all who recognized this core value from Max’s and enabled us to be recognized so publicly for it.


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