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Tomorrow is Silver and Gold Friday!!!

While many in the retail business refer to tomorrow as “black Friday”, here at Max’s we’d much prefer to think of it as silver and gold Friday as the holiday shopping season “officially” kicks off. I hope that you’ll come in and enjoy some hot sipping chocolate while you begin selecting your holiday gifts….there’s so much to look at, so it might take a while! The glass snowmen are back this year and they brought some new friends with them to join in the fun, including Minnie Mouse, a Pirate and a Toy Soldier! We also have some beautiful hand-blown glass perfume bottles that would make great gifts and, of course, there’s the jewelry. Our cases our full and we’ve received so much new work in the last couple of weeks that I’m confident that you’ll be able to find something regardless of your style and budget. We love this time of year at Max’s because we love to help you find that perfect gift for all who are on your list. We look forward to seeing you and, in the meantime…..gobble, gobble!


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