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This is So Much More Civilized Than a Paper Cup!

Now I certainly don’t have anything against my local coffee shops (how could I…I’m there every day!!!!) but, given a choice, I would much prefer to drink my cuppa joe from one of these pretty hand-blown espresso cups from glass artist Shiloh Hunkapiller. For those of you who have shopped with us for a while, the pattern may look a bit familiar. Shiloh also makes beautiful holiday ornaments as well as candle snuffers (and yes, the candle snuffers will definitely make an appearance again this year at holiday time!…you let us know that we missed the boat by not having them last year!) in this dot pattern and we just love it. In addition to the espresso cups, we also have some port glasses in the same pattern which (I think) make a really beautiful gift….especially for a wedding or an anniversary. If you’ve been in recently and seen the glass ring stands on the counter, those are from Shiloh too!


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