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Starry, Starry Night.....and Earrings to Match

I first met Genevieve Yang at an American Craft Council show soon after I opened Max’s. I was new in the world of jewelry store owners and she was new in the world of jewelry designers. I was drawn to her work and we had a nice conversation and we said we’d keep in touch. We did for a while, but I didn’t see her at shows for the next few years so I didn’t pursue it. Fast forward to the JCK show in Las Vegas in 2012 when she was named a Rising Star and my eyes landed on her new (to me) collection based on the moon, stars and wild mountain landscapes. I fell in love with this collection for multiple reasons — the workmanship is flawless, the inspiration is so different, and it all comes together in a way that really exemplifies the question I often like to ask — “Is it jewelry as art, or art as jewelry?” I truly do think about Genevieve’s moon-and-star inspired jewelry whenever I look up and see a beautiful full moon, which there will be next week. The contrast of the diamonds against the oxidized silver has a very literal daytime/nighttime feel and that, combined with the imagery that the stars and moon represent, makes me daydream a bit as I sit and write this…..


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