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Newsflash! Announcing Max's v2.0!

Max’s is moving! While I know it hasn’t been the best kept secret (ok, so I told a few hundred people during the holiday season and there is a banner hanging in our window!), it hasn’t been in print until now which means it wasn’t “official” until now. Today I signed a 7 year lease for our new store at Excelsior & Grand! There will be a lot of changes in our neighborhood this spring, and the arrival of a new tenant gave us the opportunity to choose to move right across the greenway into a new, bigger space. That’s right — Max’s is growing up! We won’t be a lot bigger, but we will be big enough to have more jewelry and more chocolate! While a move is never easy, I am really excited about this opportunity to bring you a bigger and better Max’s with new great items. Things are moving quickly as our move is planned for the first week in February. Our plan is to be closed from January 31 through February 6, and we will re-open on Monday, February 7 — just in time for Valentine’s Day (think MORE jewelry and MORE chocolates!).

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of Max’s great customers and friends who have been so supportive not only through the last couple of months while I have been finalizing the decision to stay here at Excelsior & Grand and finalize the plans for the new space, but also since we opened almost 5 years ago — your support means everything to me. I am committed to this neighborhood and to the City of St. Louis Park and I can’t wait to show you what Max’s has in store for the next 5 (oops, make that 7!) years! Stay tuned!


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