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Celebrate Your Grads 🎓 and Dads 👔 - Father's Day is June 16th!


Jamie Cassavoy is Coming to Max's!

You know her, you love her jewelry, and now you can meet her! You, our customers, have made Jamie Cassavoy one of our most popular artists (we’ve carried her work since day 1!), and now she is coming to Max’s for a trunk show. The show is scheduled for Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13 and we can’t wait. Jamie is best known for her nature-inspired jewelry, and whether it’s gold leaf earrings, a silver branch necklace adorned with some turquoise or garnet berries, or a big gold and silver ring with a stone in the middle such as the rings pictured here, her work always seems to bring a smile to people’s faces. Of course, you don’t need to wait until the show to see her work, as we’ve just received several new pieces from her that are in our display cases already. But I do hope that you’ll put the trunk show on your calendars, as she’ll be bringing A LOT of new things with her! Want to see more?……click here!


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