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It’s Time for Max’s Semi-Annual Sale!

Did you get some gift cards for Christmas that you want to spend? Did Santa disappoint you a bit this year? Just feeling like doing some shopping? Whatever the reason, it’s a great time to stop in as we have lots and lots of beautiful jewelry to choose from at markdowns between 30-80% off of the original price. Maybe that ‘something special’ you’ve been eyeing for a while is part of the sale.  We only do this twice a year, so it’s definitely worth stopping in.

Not in town or you just want to shop online?  You won’t see our sale prices online so if you’re wondering about a certain piece, give us a call and we’ll let you know if it’s part of the sale.  We are often asked why we don’t put our sale prices online.  The reason for that is that we’re so passionate about the work that our designers do, that we don’t want to cause issues for them when something we have in the store goes on sale but it’s not on sale elsewhere.  Similarly, we don’t want to cause issues for other retailers because of our sale prices.  We only put things on sale that have been in the store for a long enough time that we feel comfortable that our customers have had enough opportunity to evaluate whether it’s right for them.


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