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It's That Time Again – Silver and Gold Friday at Max's

Ok, so everyone in retail (as well as the media), refers to today as “Black Friday”. Many of you may know that here at Max’s, we prefer to think of it as “Silver and Gold Friday”. Today is the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season and we think that calling it a silver and gold day is much more festive and better represents the sparkle that the holiday season brings — not to mention all of the fabulous silver and gold jewelry we think that you’d love to give as your holiday presents this year (you might like to receive them as well, so don’t forget that we have a “wish list” program here at Max’s!). And, to add even more sparkle, you can use your Max’s rewards points that you would earn on your purchases this weekend ON your purchases this weekend! What does this really mean? Our on-going reward points system is structured such that you can use the points you earn on any given sale (10% of the total pre-tax amount) on a future sale on another day. Today, tomorrow and Sunday, you can use the points that you earn that day on the current sale. Make sense? Bottom line is that you earn 10% off of everything you buy! Of course, if you still want to “bank” your points and keep building up your balance for something down the road, that’s ok too! And, because we love a party around here, there will be lots of chocolates and tasty beverages (hot and cold!) to make your shopping that much more enjoyable!


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