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It's Hot Outside!

Hard to believe, but July 4th is next week….in the words of Charlie Brown, one of my childhood (and adult, I suppose) heroes….AAAGGHH! I can hardly believe it. I thought I was planning so far ahead when I went into the jewelry market earlier this year and specified the summer and early fall as our desired shipping dates for some of our new artists, and now that seems like just yesterday. Oh well, as we all know, there’s no changing time. The good news though is that the summer months mean that we have some wonderful new work coming in all of the time. One of the artists new to Max’s that we’re really excited about is Aaron Henry. Aaron is a wonderful jeweler from L.A. and this is just one example of his beautiful work (see rings above!). He works in precious metals and stones and I feel really lucky that we are the only ones here in Minnesota who are carrying his work. Of course, that’s true about so many of our artists, and I am so appreciative that we’ve been able to create some wonderful relationships with our artists who are so loyal to Max’s. Stay tuned to our website as we’re going to be adding some more pages in the next 1-2 weeks of some of our artists work including Aaron Henry, Patricia Tschetter (her work will be here the first week of July), Marya Dabrowski, Laura Gibson, Mio Studio and Ananda Khalsa….just to name a few! In the meantime, what do you think about these rings? Click here to link directly to Aaron’s website:

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