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It's About Time! A Paul Morelli Trunk Show at Max's (and we can't wait!)

I met John, who works for Paul Morelli, at one of the very first trade shows I ever attended. I was about 3 months away from opening the store, and the Morelli booth was stationed at the very front of a hotel conference room where the trade show was occurring. The odd thing is that I didn’t even know about that show when I headed out of town — I had gone to Philadelphia for a larger show and found myself “stumbling” upon this smaller show. Such great luck! I was immediately taken with all of Paul’s beautiful jewelry (who wouldn’t be?) and thought it needed a home at Max’s. My friend who had come to the show with me encouraged me to hold off and wait a bit to gauge the response to the store, what was selling, etc. Solid advice, very practical. Ok, so fast forward about 18 months — time for another trip to Philadelphia (which, conveniently, is the home of Paul’s atelier where all of his gorgeous creations are…well…created). I called John and asked him if we could meet because I hadn’t been able to get the jewelry off of my mind. I was happy to learn that he hadn’t forgotten about Max’s either. Some things are just meant to be, and thus began the relationship with the The House of Paul Morelli.

I have lots of favorites of Paul’s work, and a couple of pieces have made their way straight from our showcases to my jewelry box at home. However, I have rarely swooned as much over a promotional photo as I did when I saw this one. Not only do I love the jewelry depicted (those of you who know me know about my “thing” with bracelets, and that ring — I mean — c’mon!), but I love what this image is saying. This, to me, depicts a woman who is strong, knows what she likes, gets what she wants, understands the importance of looking good and likes her scotch — gotta love all of that!

All of us at Max’s are really excited to welcome John to Max’s this weekend for his first visit, and cannot wait to see all that he is bringing with him. I hope that you’ll join us; the trunk show takes place on Friday, October 10 from 10am – 9pm, and Saturday, October 11 from 10am – 6pm. On Friday night, between 6-9, we’ll be celebrating the show with a cocktail reception. Expect to be wowed!


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