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Celebrate Your Grads 🎓 and Dads 👔 - Father's Day is June 16th!


Bzzzzz….What's All the Buzz About?

It’s about these beautiful candles, that’s what it’s about. I love these and I am loving everything about the company that makes these (Black and Light), along with several other wonderful candles. First of all, they are really fabulously-made candles….each candle requires up to twenty hours of intense handcrafted effort by skilled craftspeople. They are made using lead-free cotton wicks and premium food grade paraffin and they’re fragrance free. Black & Light has partnered with The University of California Davis and their critical research on the honeybee crisis, and 10 % of their net proceeds from the sale of all bee candles are donated to this project. In keeping with this effort and believing in the research (even though I’m allergic to bees….I do, however, understand and appreciate why they’re so important!), Max’s will also donate a portion of its sales proceeds from the bee candles to the UC Davis research project. I also salute Black and Light for their decision to hire mentally and physically challenged individuals to do their packaging. Oh…..speaking of the packaging….the box (which is black and white) that each candle comes in is really beautiful, reusable, and looks like a gift in and of itself. So, there you have it. Can you tell I’m excited about these? Come on in and see for yourself!


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