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Celebrate Your Grads 🎓 and Dads 👔 - Father's Day is June 16th!


Because Every Month Should Be Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Ok, don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to say. I am completely supportive of all of the efforts that businesses and other organizations undertake every October to shine the spotlight on breast cancer and the need to erase it from the face of the earth. But I know that as many of us have any number of reasons to be fully aware of the need to erase breast cancer from the face of the earth every day of the year – it might be our own diagnosis, the battle of a loved one, or the fear of hereditary factors — that we may not all be as focused on October as “breast cancer awareness month” as much as others are. Either way, my feeling is this: this is a disease that needs constant focus, research and money if it is to be eliminated or if there is ever to be a “cure”, so I think that every month should be breast cancer awareness month. That is why I’ve decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from our David Heston jewelry sales to Susan G. Komen for A Cure. Max’s has carried David’s work for the past few years and our customers have really responded well to it — specifically, his rubber and silver necklaces and bracelets adorned with diamonds. I was really surprised (in a good way!) when I saw his newest work earlier this year when I went to market and saw bright pink sapphires along with the diamonds, as the contrast of the pink against the black is something that jumped out at me as making a great statement. It is in that spirit that Max’s is hoping to make a statement and do our part to help the fight against breast cancer by donating a portion of the sales proceeds from David’s pink sapphire collection to Susan G. Komen for A Cure. We will be having a trunk show with David on Friday, November 5 from 10am – 7pm and on Saturday, November 5 from 10am – 6pm and I hope you’ll join us and find the statement that you’d like to make! (Please note, however, that our commitment for donation is not limited to the weekend — it is for all sales of the pink sapphire collection at any time during the year.)


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