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Award Winning Jewelry Designer Pamela Froman Comes to Max's!

When I first saw Pamela Froman’s jewelry, I knew it really was unlike any other jewelry I had ever seen before and I am so proud to represent her at Max’s! Pamela will be in the store this Friday and Saturday with her collection of limited edition jewelry that has earned many awards and accolades and, once you see it, I know you’ll know why. Her jewelry is made of multiple colors of precious metals and rare, natural stones. I especially like the way she mixes yellow, white, green and rose gold together in a single piece and adorns it with diamonds, but you might be more drawn to her colorful gemstone earrings and pendants. Either way, I hope that you’ll stop by and see this highly unique one-of-a-kind and limited edition collection this Friday, August 13 from 11 – 7pm and again on Saturday from 10 -6pm.


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