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Unique and Alternative Marry Well in Wedding Rings

Unique and Alternative – words used to describe something that’s unconventional, a challenge to traditional norms, unlike anything else, and particularly remarkable and unusual. At Max’s we strive to offer our customers artistic work that they won’t find elsewhere, with designs that could easily be described as unique and alternative, in both our wedding and every day jewelry collections. We were thrilled to be included in Minnesota Bride’s “Unique Engagement Rings” story in the issue that hit newsstands this summer. The magazine’s editor and stylist reviewed several options and chose these spectacular pieces by Adel Chefridi and Annie Fensterstock. Adel’s use of a magnificent blue sapphire and Annie’s wide halo diamond design are just a couple of examples of the ways in which our designers create rings and other works that are truly unique, and might also be considered a bit alternative.

Alternative can mean many things – to us, it’s defined by artistic jewelry that bucks trends. White diamonds, long the traditional stone of choice for weddings, are lovely but many designers are now introducing a myriad of colored diamonds to the marketplace to enthusiastic response by couples seeking something beautiful but different. Designers Todd Reed, Yasuko Azuma, and Pamela Froman are some of our designers thinking outside the jewelry box by using cognac, autumn, grey, black and raw diamonds in some of their wedding pieces and Todd even uses raw diamonds in some of his work.

And many of our designers are forgoing diamonds altogether or working them into designs with other gemstones. Jewelry artist Polly Wales took an alternative approach to wedding jewelry when she created her Ruby Eroded Narrow Band with clusters of rubies set freely in yellow gold and her Harlequin Sapphire Mix Ring featuring white and colored sapphires set in yellow gold.

So this is how we define unique and alternative when it comes to wedding jewelry. How about you?

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