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  • 'captured' enhydro quartz teardrop pendant
  • 'captured' enhydro quartz teardrop pendant
SKU: 36018 hilary finck

'captured' enhydro quartz teardrop pendant


With ancient water, a dancing air bubble, and floating black carbon captured within the quartz, the Captured Enhydro Quartz Teardrop Charm is an intriguing time capsule with geologic wonder dating back millions of years. 

Expertly and uniquely held by 18k gold with Hilary's signature Captured setting, this talisman is not only a connection to the past, but is also a luxurious future heirloom to be enjoyed and passed down for years to come.


18k gold, enhydro quartz

2" length, 7/8" width, 5/8" depth

measurements are approximate

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