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Thank You from Max’s!

Welcome to Max’s Rewards Program! In appreciation for your on-going support of Max’s, we will recognize your purchases by giving you credit, in the form of points, for each purchase you make. You will receive a $.10 credit for every dollar you spend at Max’s, and you can choose when you would like your accumulated credit applied to your sales invoice. So, once you spend $10, you will have a $1.00 credit in your “Max’s bank”. When you reach $100 in accumulated purchases, you will have $10 in your “bank”, and so on. Then, for example, if you make a $300 purchase and have $25 in your bank, you can choose to spend all $25 at once and reduce your invoice total (before tax) to $275, or you can use any amount less than $25 and save the rest for a future purchase.. Again, you decide when you want to “spend” your points and how many you want to spend at any one time.

We will keep track of the additions and subtractions to your point balance….all we need is your name so that we can maintain the information in our sales system. It’s that easy!

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