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TenThousandThings and One Very Important Holiday!

Ok, so I know that there are skeptics out there who believe that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s been made up and hyped by the retail industry to spur sales. You know what I have to say about that? Bah humbug! I mean, c’mon — who can argue that saying “you’re special to me” is EVER a bad thing? We’re going to keep the holiday spirit alive with a TenThousandThings trunk show between February 11 and February 14 (that date ring a bell?) I’ve long been a fan of this jewelry and, last year while in the jewelry market, had the opportunity to meet with them and agree that Max’s would be a perfect venue for their designs. Our customers have been loving this jewelry since it arrived here — especially the necklaces that incorporate their signature technique of gold or silver beading on chain. They certainly stand on their own, but really make a great statement when layered. The price point of this deep and varied collection is very broad, making it a perfect option for many of your VIPs this Valentine’s Day!


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