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Celebrate Your Grads 🎓 


Suzy Landa's Trunk Show; aka A Grown-Up Version of Candyland!

It all started with pipe cleaners and colored candy necklaces as a young girl.  Yep, it’s true — that’s how Suzy Landa began making jewelry. Fast forward to the present and fortunately for everyone involved, the pipe cleaners and candy were traded in for gold and gorgeous bright, big precious gemstones. And, while she really is best known for those colored gemstones, she has just launched a diamond bridal line. Some of her more unusual rings that really catch my eye are the brown diamonds set in gold – I especially love the rings in rose gold- they are really stunning — no reason that can’t be a great “non-bridal” ring too!  We had a blast last year when Suzy was here, and I’m excited that she can’t wait to make her return visit to the store for a trunk show next weekend. The trunk show will be going on next Friday, June 24 (11-7), Saturday (10-6) Sunday (noon – 5) at Max’s.


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