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Spexton Jewelry; A Short Story

Chapter 2:  Ellen and Leah decide to attend the sessions of the Cool Store award winners (and who knows — we may even apply for this award one day as we think that we rate pretty high on the cool-o-meter, and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate the fact that you have told us as much too!) While sitting in the audience listening to one of the store owners talk about his store, Ellen and Leah both find themselves concentrating on the hand of the gentleman sitting in front of us with his hand around the back of the empty chair next to him.  However, given that someone is talking at the front of the room and it would be rude for the two of us to chat among ourselves at the same time, we each admire the ring in silence without realizing that the other is doing the same thing.

Chapter 3:  Ellen needs to leave the session promptly at 11 for a meeting, and Leah stays to hear the last few minutes of the presentation.  When they re-connect 45 minutes later, Leah says “did you see the ring on that guy sitting in front of us?  I spent some time talking to him after the presentation to find out that HE is presenting later this afternoon because he owns a jewelry store that is also a Cool Store winner and he makes jewelry in his store!  He brought some pieces with him to show people during his presentation.  You should see this stuff….it is SO COOL!”

Chapter 4:  Ellen and Leah return to the Cool Store presentation venue and listen to Nate McPherson talk about his store Spexton, and the line of jewelry that he and Greg Shelton have created, called Spexton Jewelry.  The story of their store is, indeed, extremely compelling and…well….very cool, and we really fall for the jewelry.  Hand-fabricated  mostly of titanium and stainless steel (and some copper, gold and diamonds where appropriate!), we immediately knew that this line would appeal to so many of our customers.

Chapter 5:  Ellen, Leah and Nate meet after the presentation and select a range of rings, bracelets and pendants for Max’s (and introduce Nate to some of Max’s chocolates that we brought with us for sustenance!)

Chapter 6:  Spexton Jewelry arrives at Max’s and customers are loving it! We hope that you will too….click here to see more on our website.


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