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Celebrate Your Grads 🎓 and Dads 👔 - Father's Day is June 16th!


Our 2010 Trunk Show Season Starts This Weekend!

Well, if the warm weather isn’t proof enough, the other sure sign that spring is here is that Max’s trunk show season begins this Friday.  We’ve got 10 great events lined up for the year with some of our favorite jewelry designers, and we kick things off this weekend by welcoming Jeanne Johngren to Max’s.  Jeanne’s work is heavily influenced by her travels in Europe and the life that she saw through a cinematographer’s lens when she was one of the first music video producers in the industry (ok, now THAT is pretty cool!).  She draws her inspiration for her jewelry from Renaissance architecture, medieval tapestry, stained glass windows and Byzantine mosaics.  I was first attracted to Jeanne’s work because of her color combinations – purple with green in an amethyst and peridot necklace and red with orange in a garnet and citrine combination.  And how about this orange and pink sapphire beauty?  The trunk show is Friday, April 30 from 10-7 and again on Saturday, May 1, from 10-6.  Want to see more now? Check out Jeanne’s page on our website here or her website — I hope to see you this weekend.


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