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Max's and Boutique Week; 10/20/30!

10/20/30 — what in the world does that mean? Well, today marks the beginning of the beginning of Mpls. St. Paul magazine’s Boutique and Beauty Week (Sept. 9 -16) with special offers from many of your favorite local retailers. Hopefully, Max’s is one of those ( 🙂 ) and you’ll come in to take advantage of some really great special offers. We are offering 10% off of all in-stock jewelry purchases, 20% of all in-stock chocolate purchases, and 30% off of all in-stock home purchases (the only exception to these great savings is that they can’t be used against prior purchases or special order items). So now is a great time to stop in and pick up that necklace you’ve had your eye on, as well as to take a look at all of the new items from some of the designers whose work you’ve come to know at Max’s, as well as the work of some new artists to our collection, including Ray Griffiths, Belle Brooke, Erica Molinari, Jennifer Dawes, Amali, Annie Fensterstock and Lori Katz. Oh, and did I mention anything about the newest chocolates at Max’s — delicious bars and caramels from Diane & Company, pistachio brittle covered in dark chocolate from Gearharts’s, and truffles, bars, chocolate covered cherries and peanut butter pearls (did someone say pearls?!?!?!) from Michael Recchiuti. Anyone hungry yet? I hope to see you during Boutique Week!


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