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So Just What Does Chocolate Have to do with Jewelry!?!?!???

Hi there friends of Max’s!  Happy New Year!  It’s been a long time (ok, waaaayyyy too long of a time) since we’ve chatted.  Things got a bit crazy here toward the end of the year and we thank you for that because the craziness was all good.  We love what we do, the designers we represent, and the opportunity to be surrounded by beauty and creativity on a daily basis. You make this possible for us. We so appreciate your support, encouragement and patronage — and the fact that you keep us focused on bringing our “A Game” to the store — at holiday times and every day.

One of the things that I am often asked by people who are first discovering Max’s is “So just what is the story behind the combination of jewelry and chocolate?”  I wish I had a really intriguing answer to this, but it is really pretty simple – they’re two things that I really love and, when I went about creating Max’s, decided that they make a wonderful, luxurious pairing.  Jewelry is an indulgence and so is chocolate.  In my pre-Max’s corporate life, I travelled close to 100% of the work week.  My little secret “stash” that I carried in my briefcase was a bar or 2 of really, really good chocolate.  It became my reward after a particularly brutal meeting or long day.  Something to look forward to when I returned to my hotel room.  Fast forward to the world of jewelry, and I decided that chocolate makes perfect sense as a complement to the jewelry we represent — it’s artistic, vibrant, handcrafted and thoughtfully created.  There is one thing that it has going for it that the jewelry doesn’t — it’s delicious!


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