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8 is Great — and Definitely NOT Enough!

Today is Max’s 8th birthday! The most common response I’ve heard as I mentioned to people that our birthday was coming up at the end of the month is “Wow! I can’t believe it’s 8 years already!” To me, I don’t know if there are more days when it seems like the time has gone by quickly, or more days when I feel like we’ve always been here. What I do know is that I really have been able to recognize my dream of owning a successful jewelry store and, for that, I am grateful to so many people; most especially, our customers. The support, friendship and encouragement have been beyond measure, and I thank you, thank you, thank you. The same holds true for our designers who are part of the Max’s collection of fine jewelry — I am so proud to represent your beautiful creations. I also love it that I can call many of you my close friends.

When I was first putting the plans together for the store, I knew that I wanted to create an environment where people would feel comfortable and just want to hang out – kind of like the old “Cheers” bar – you know, where everyone knows your name. I love it that not only have we gotten to know so many of our customers, but that they have gotten to know a number of our designers and have formed their own relationships. We’ve added some new faces to our lineup of artist events this year, presenting an opportunity to develop some more new friendships.

The best present that we have is to do what we love. It’s especially sweet because, for us, it means that we’re surrounded by beautiful creations (ok, the chocolates make it sweet too!) all day long. We did receive another great present this week though — we were named to Town & Country‘s “The List: America’s Leading Independent Jewelers in 2014”. I can’t tell you how proud that makes all of us. That’s when it really hit me — we’ve done a lot in 8 years. I hope that you’ll stay tuned though, because 8 is DEFINITELY not enough!


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