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Celebrate Your Grads 🎓 

Graham and Kane

Minnesota- Inspired by experiences that linger in life’s muscle memory we delight in collecting observation. It is life’s entire landscape that informs the moment. Whether at home basking in the familiar of favored luxuries or surrounded in a life’s dream fulfilled our goal is to make the everyday as treasured as the memories that make the sacred photo album.

Our combined backgrounds in design and style meet at a divine cross road of esthetic and emotion. These together strike the perfect balance and inform our lifestyle product expressions. We individually bring unique tailored and definitive points of view informed by our keen connectedness to our day-to-day and our community.

When stirred our collaboration’s goal is to optimistically affect intimate and memorable moments.


Our mission is to produce product experiences that inspire people’s passions and transform environments into unique memories.

Our Goal:

Create emotional impact

Deliver the gift of delight

Inspire peace

Graham and Kane
Graham and Kane
Graham and Kane

Graham and Kane

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